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10 Creepy Ghost Sightings With Bizarre Consequences | The Horror Movies Blog

You don’t have to believe what these people saw.

It is what happened next that should scare you.

Alleged ghost sightings happen every day in every corner of the world, leaving skeptics and believers in agreement about one thing. Our obsession with the supernatural often leads to strange behavior.

Throughout history, ghost sightings have littered the public imagination. From helpful to disturbing, these ghosts, whether real or imagined, have altered the fabric of many lives.

Ghost sightings inspired the families of the dead to uncover heinous crimes, clear guilty records, place the blame on innocent victims, and even save people from hurricanes. These ghosts are not all good or evil.

You could say they are just like us. Their stories and our stories are connected, often in ways hard to explain by rational minds.

The following ten stories might alarm you. This time, it is not the ghosts that make your skin crawl.

What should disturb you most are the bizarre consequences that followed.

Ghosts Mentioned:

  1. The Greenbrier Ghost
  2. The Ghost Of James L. Chaffin
  3. The Montrose Airfield Ghost
  4. The Cock Lane Ghost
  5. The Haunting Of Lowes Cottage
  6. The Haunting Case Of Stambovskys V. Ackley
  7. The Gray Man
  8. The Hammersmith Ghost
  9. The Ghost Of Russel Colvin
  10. Booty v. Barnaby

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