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10 Tales Of Haunted Irish Castles | Listverse

For such a small island on the outskirts of Europe, Ireland has a ludicrous number of castles. In fact, Ireland has so many castles that it may often be cheaper to buy a breathtaking castle in the countryside than a small apartment in Dublin. But with such a bloody history on the island, it should come as no surprise that many of these castles are allegedly haunted by troubled or malevolent forces.

Castles Mentioned:

  • Carrickfergus Castle
    County Antrim
  • Leamaneh Castle
    County Clare
  • Leap Castle
    County Offaly
  • Loftus Hall
    County Wexford
  • Duckett’s Grove
    County Carlow
  • Howth Castle
    County Dublin
  • Ballygally Castle
    County Antrim
  • Malahide Castle
    County Dublin
  • Charleville Castle
    County Offaly
  • Carrigaholt Castle
    County Clare

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