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40 Years of Research on Human Intuition | The Epoch Times

The Center for Applied Intuition (CAI) announced this month the release of a full report on the results of its four decades of research on the human faculty of intuition and its potential for practical application.

CAI is headed by William H. Kautz, Sc.D., who has experience in a variety of scientific fields and worked for the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International for 34 years. Kautz started by identifying skilled intuitive people, though he says the power of intuition is within us all.

For example, what causes bipolar depression?

He and his team developed a method of inquiry that would help obtain clear answers from the intuitives about subjects with which they were not ordinarily familiar. They were asked to solve problems in science, business, and personal matters.

In the early 1980s, psychologists knew it was a common problem, but data was lacking to identify the most promising research directions.

Kautz and Paul Grof, M.D., interviewed six intuitives who were not experts in psychiatry or medicine. Their answers agreed on several points. Thirty years after this questioning, Kautz and Grof reviewed those answers in light of subsequent discoveries.


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