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A Haunted Tour of Waverly Hills Sanatorium | Cult of Weird

Is Waverly Hills really full of ghosts? Author J. Nathan Couch takes a tour of the infamous sanatorium to experience America’s most haunted place for himself.

Ask any paranormal enthusiast to read to you from their bucket list and you’re practically guaranteed to hear “visit Waverly Hills Sanatorium” right away—assuming of course said enthusiast hasn’t already visited. While some reputedly haunted locations shy away from such attention, the people at Waverly have whole-heartedly embraced it, turning the building’s black history into a supernatural cash-cow. The building has been featured on every major paranormal television series, was the subject of a feature-length documentary entitled Spooked, and legions of ardent paranormal investigators and curiosity seekers either tour the property or conduct full-scale investigations for a fee. Proceeds from such activities are being used to restore the building, which has suffered from decades of neglect and vandalism.


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