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9 Weird and Creepy Museums That Will Give You the Chills | The Lineup

Walls of skulls, display cases containing demonic dolls, or massive hairballs removed from the stomachs of beasts and humans—oh, yes, it’s about to get weird. Come along with us as we step inside the country’s freakiest museums. Locations Covered: Museum of Death - Los Angeles, California The National Museum of Health and Medicine

10 Bizarre Murders Linked To Witchcraft | Listverse

For centuries, crimes have been linked to witches and witchcraft. Many times, these crimes weren’t even real, yet innocent people were tortured and killed in rather gruesome ways because of people’s belief in witchcraft. Although many witchcraft murders are nothing more than the product of hysteria and lack of knowledge, some

The 7 Paranormal Wonders of the World | Area51

  In the years that the house has been open to the public, employees and visitors alike have had unusual encounters here. There have been footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; windows that bang so hard they shatter; cold spots; strange moving lights; doorknobs that turn by themselves… and don’t forget the

Pope Lick Monster: Searching for Louisville’s Deadly Legend | Cult of Weird

Paranormal author and investigator J. Nathan Couch goes in search of the Pope Lick Monster in Louisville, Kentucky, which is responsible for at least 3 deaths.   The Pope Lick Monster is said to be a strange, savage amalgamation. He’s often described as a large humanoid creature with furry, goat-like legs, alabaster

Elijah Bond’s Memorial Ouija Board Gravestone in Baltimore | Cult of Weird

The memorial gravestone of Ouija Board inventor Elijah Bond was erected in 2008 by the Talking Board Historical Society in Baltimore, Maryland’s Green Mount Cemetery. Read the Entire Article Here: Elijah Bond's Memorial Ouija Board Gravestone in Baltimore | Cult of Weird Image is Ouija board gravestone of Elijah Bond in Baltimore, Maryland

Top 10 Unexplained Paranormal Phenomena | Alltime 10s

Possessed teenagers, doppelgänger schoolteachers, and demonic dolls all feature on our list of the paranormal. Watch the clip to discover the most terrifying phenomena in the world. Read the Entire Article Here: Top 10 Unexplained Paranormal Phenomena | Alltime 10s Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: Twitter: Minds: