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The Haunting of Percy Bysshe Shelley | Wordsworth Trust Blog

This fiend, whose ghastly presence ever Beside thee like thy shadow hangs… Percy Bysshe Shelley was many things: a poet, a political radical and pamphleteer, a philosophical thinker, and a faithless husband. He was also – and this may come as a surprise – obsessed with the occult, and this fixation with

These 4 Foreign Ghost Stories Will Keep You Up Tonight… And Every Night. OMG. | TP Article Marketing

Every country in the world has its own ghost stories. That’s because there are so many mysterious or paranormal things that happen in this world. Humans naturally want to explain the unexplained. Sometimes, there is just enough evidence or events to form a theory or ghost story… And sometimes those stories will

The Angry Entities of the Santa Cruz Memorial | Backpackerverse

Nestled on Ocean Street, Santa Cruz Memorial Park is a serene land that offers many of its current residents the eternal peace they seek after death. Pass by it during day and you’ll feel a sense of calm thanks to the white tombstones and rich foliage. However, the cemetery transforms during night,

Vera Farmiga Has Experienced Some Crazy Paranormal Activity Thanks To The Conjuring | CinemaBlend

From the fire on the set of The Exorcism to all of the strange happenings surrounding those involved with the production of Poltergeist there is a long and strange history between horror movies and real life freaky occurrences. It turns out that The Conjuring franchise can now be added to

My Sweet Lord! When Beatle George Harrison saw a Ghost | The Spooky Isles

As for George himself, he liked to while away time in the garden, and could be out there until well after midnight. It was during one of those sessions, he happened to spot Sir Frank striding around the garden. George’s response isn’t on record, but perhaps with his spiritual outlook, he

17 Frightening Stories Of Abandoned Hospitals And Asylums As Told By Urban Explorers And Security Guards | Thought Catalog

When I was a teenager (20+ years ago) my friends and I trespassed on a condemned insane asylum called Eloise in Southeastern Michigan. The worst thing wasn’t that it was at night with shitty flashlights, the dirty patient records scattered on the floor, the broken furniture, the torn up walls,

Haunted Bunk Beds in Wisconsin Torment Horicon Family | Cult of Weird

A family in Horicon, Wisconsin experienced nine months of torment after purchasing a second hand bunk bed that unleashed an evil entity into their home. When I was young, my family drove through Horicon often on the way to visit relatives. I was seven when the story hit the media and