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10 Ghosts And Legends Of The Ohio River Valley | Listverse

The areas around the Ohio River, a tributary of the more famous Mississippi River, have been home to their share of spectacular legends. Once the gateway to the American West, the Ohio River Valley is better known today for economically vital cities like Pittsburgh and Louisville as well as pockets

10 Creepy Real Ghost Photos | The Lineup

Real ghost photos by viewers of The Lineup's website. Locations include: Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA Moundsville State Penitentiary, Moundsville, WV Channahon, IL Strawberry Chapel, Charleston, SC Barriere Fall Fair Hall, Barriere, British Columbia Monterey, CA Pea Ridge, AR Oak Brook, IL Tampa, FL See the Photos! Image Credit:

13 Haunted Churches In The World That’ll Make You Say Your Prayers At Night |

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you're guaranteed to be seeking some divine intervention if you ever find yourself alone in one of these spooky churches from around the world. Read the Entire Article Here: 13 Haunted Churches In The World That'll Make You Say Your Prayers At Night -

Ghost Trains: Real or Legend? | The Ghost Diaries

Over 1.37 million kilometers of railroad criss­cross the globe. Of this seemingly endless web of track lay several stretches said to be haunted by ghost trains. Phantom locomotives have been spotted in multiple countries over the years. Though not a prerequisite, ghost trains tend to be associated with tragedy and

The Albino Ghost of Montebello Castle | Bizarre and Grotesque

“Azzurrina”, an Italian word meaning “little blue”, is the nickname of a young girl who’s said to haunt the Castle of Montebello in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. According to legend, Azzurrina was born Guendalina Malatesta, the daughter of a 14th century nobleman. Unlike the rest of her dark-haired family, Guendalina was an

The Palmer House Hotel Is Minnesota’s Most Haunted Place | Only In Your State

Everyone knows that when it comes to hauntings in Minnesota, the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Center takes the cake. This hotel has seen so much supernatural activity that it has been featured countless times in national media and television series. But what makes this particular haunting so compelling? And why

Paranormal Sites in Pioneer Square, Seattle | Adoration 4 Adventure

Traveling to a new destination often includes learning about its culture and history. However, there is more to a place than what is documented in guide books, displayed in museums and touted by tour guides. Where there is life, there has unfortunately been grief, heartache and even death. A city’s shady