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Ghost hunter snaps ‘terrifying figure’ at historic 15th century building | Yahoo7

An experienced self-proclaimed ghost hunter claims to have captured a surreal image of a ‘female ghost’ walking around the ground of a historic English estate. Ghost hunter, Erica Gregory made the surprising discovery when she spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group while they were touring Turton

The Angry Entities of the Santa Cruz Memorial | Backpackerverse

Nestled on Ocean Street, Santa Cruz Memorial Park is a serene land that offers many of its current residents the eternal peace they seek after death. Pass by it during day and you’ll feel a sense of calm thanks to the white tombstones and rich foliage. However, the cemetery transforms during night,

The Real Hauntings in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion | Backpackerverse

One of the darker corners in the happiest place on earth, Haunted Mansion in Anaheim has been known to send chills down visitors’ spines and even stop hearts (literally). However, the scary décor and props aren’t the only things that can scare you there. There are numerous poltergeist haunting the place, waiting

Human skull found near Hollywood sign: Cadaver dogs search for more bones |

A human skull found near the iconic Hollywood sign, adds more darkness to the area, which is a favorite for ghost hunters looking for the ghost of a woman who is said to be haunting the hills. Hikers found the skull in Griffith Park, which is considered the largest municipal