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Human skull found near Hollywood sign: Cadaver dogs search for more bones |

A human skull found near the iconic Hollywood sign, adds more darkness to the area, which is a favorite for ghost hunters looking for the ghost of a woman who is said to be haunting the hills. Hikers found the skull in Griffith Park, which is considered the largest municipal

This £3.4m Mansion is seen as the Most Haunted House in the World | The Sun

A HOUSE believed to be the "most haunted in the world" is on the market for £3.4m. The terrified owners of Magnolia Mansion, in New Orleans, are reportedly "desperate to sell" the 159-year-old property widely believed to be plagued by poltergeists and spirits. The guest house, previously owned by a Tina Turner

The Haunting Of Charleston’s Old City Jail | Mysterious Universe

Built in 1802, the Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina housed some of the region’s most infamous criminals, including rebellious slaves, 19th-century pirates, and Lavinia Fisher, America’s first female serial killer. Thousands of inmates died within the structure’s imposing walls and it’s these tormented spirits that reportedly haunt the

Five Scottish Green Lady Ghost Stories (and one from Wales) | The Spooky Isles

Green Ladies are a curious phenomenon, writes MJ STEEL COLLINS. Almost exclusively a Scottish occurrence, with a few exceptions as we shall see later, a few theories have been rolled out to explain what they are. These include that they are the spirits of women that have been enchanted by

My Sweet Lord! When Beatle George Harrison saw a Ghost | The Spooky Isles

As for George himself, he liked to while away time in the garden, and could be out there until well after midnight. It was during one of those sessions, he happened to spot Sir Frank striding around the garden. George’s response isn’t on record, but perhaps with his spiritual outlook, he