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Why Do Ghosts Wear Human Clothes? | Racked

Paranormal enthusiasts often report sighting spirits dressed in Victorian period clothing, flowing white dresses, or just jeans and t-shirts. Why? If ghosts are, as paranormal investigators would have us believe, essentially human spirit energy stuck in purgatory between earth and the great beyond, why do their manifestations include the manufactured

Is Stonehenge more than just some big rocks? |

Located in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge’s most notable feature is, of course, its standing stones. While ancient standing stones aren’t unique to England or even just Europe, Stonehenge remains the most famous and iconic example of the megalithic structures due to its size, layout, abundance of stones, and the mysteries surrounding

What Are the ‘Auras’ Around People Seen in Photos? | The Epoch Times

In some spiritual traditions, people are said to have “auras” around them. Sometimes the auras are described as being various colors or at various levels of intensity, depending on the person’s characteristics. Photos taken using special methods are said to show the energy people emanate, their auras. In a previous article about

40 Years of Research on Human Intuition | The Epoch Times

The Center for Applied Intuition (CAI) announced this month the release of a full report on the results of its four decades of research on the human faculty of intuition and its potential for practical application. CAI is headed by William H. Kautz, Sc.D., who has experience in a variety of scientific

100 Spooky Articles From | Ghosts And Ghouls

Enjoy reading about ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky phenomenon? Here are 100 creepy Wikipedia articles that will scare you silly. Topics Covered: Strange Phenomena and Events Min Min Light Deathbed Phenomena Bilocation Spontaneous Human Combustion Moberly-Jourdain Incident Electronic Voice Phenomena Spooklight Hairy Hands The Devil's Footprints Maco Light Curses and Omens Death Coach Chair of Death The Gray Man Devil Bird Robert the Doll Doppelganger The Curse of Little Bastard The

Studies Explore Life After Death | The Epoch Times

Perhaps science will never be capable of proving without a shadow of a doubt whether or not the afterlife exists. But science is at least capable of determining how many people have reported experiences of the afterlife. Studies also show that many of the experiencers were not previously spiritual or religious people.