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Copyright History: The Strange Case Of A Book Authored By Mark Twain Via A Ouija Board | Techdirt

Mark Twain can be the subject of fascinating discussion for any number of reasons, but around these parts we talk intellectual property. Some years back, Mike wrote about Twain's support for copyright extensions, including when he even went so far as to advocate for infinite copyright. Well, it turns out

Voynich manuscript: Nonsensical fraud, forgotten language, or secret code? |

Rather than being named for the person who actually, you know, wrote it, the Voynich manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, the book dealer who bought the codex back in 1912. This is because no one knows for sure who wrote the thing. As you might have guessed, though, there is no shortage

10 Creepy Ghost Sightings With Bizarre Consequences | The Horror Movies Blog

You don’t have to believe what these people saw. It is what happened next that should scare you. Alleged ghost sightings happen every day in every corner of the world, leaving skeptics and believers in agreement about one thing. Our obsession with the supernatural often leads to strange behavior. Throughout history, ghost sightings

Paranormal Sites in Pioneer Square, Seattle | Adoration 4 Adventure

Traveling to a new destination often includes learning about its culture and history. However, there is more to a place than what is documented in guide books, displayed in museums and touted by tour guides. Where there is life, there has unfortunately been grief, heartache and even death. A city’s shady