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Ghosts in Mammoth Cave | Cult of Weird

J. Nathan Couch explores the depths of Kentucky’s treacherous Mammoth Cave, a place so menacing it inspired HP Lovecraft’s first story.

The Mammoth Cave System is without a doubt the world’s greatest subterranean wonder. Located in an area that’s roughly only a few miles in diameter, the cave twists and turns and stretches to a length of some 400 miles and a depth of 30 stories, and that’s only the explored tunnels. It’s suspected hundreds of miles of cave remain to be discovered. Every weekend more exploration occurs and new mileage is recorded. The world’s longest cave system literally becomes larger every single week.

Mammoth Cave is an astounding place that’s definitely worthy of anyone’s leisure time but what makes it worthy of a legend trip? The fact that’s it reputedly the world’s largest haunted place, with a macabre history stretching back to pre-history.


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