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Haunted Hospitals For Those Addicted To Ghost Hunting | Haunted Places To Go

Are you addicted to ghost hunting? If so then these haunted hospitals might just be what you need. Hospitals are a place of birth, and a place of death. Joy can be experienced at the birth of a new child, or the resuscitation of a loved one. Sadness and similar unpleasant emotions can be experienced when a loved one passes away.

Hospitals and hauntings seem to go hand in hand. There are old abandoned hospitals that seem to have spirits lurking in every corner, then, there is the community hospital just a couple of miles from where you live…these, too, are said to have hauntings. The problem is, sometimes the living are so busy trying to keep the patients alive, and wrapped up in worry, that they often miss the cool breeze that sweeps past them, or the spiritual comfort that many of these spirits try to provide.

Here, you will find many stories and events surrounding hospitals that are found to be haunted. Most of these structures have been abandoned for years, left to decay in the midst of the sorry for the souls that have been left behind. Many of these haunted hospitals are preserved in the form of a museum to the events past, but still have a very real, frightening aura to them based on the souls that have been left behind. Then, there are those that are still in operation today…serving both the living and the dead…If you are interested in haunted tales surrounding active hospitals, museum turned hospitals, or even old, abandoned hospitals, you are sure to find something to draw your interest here.


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