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This is a private residence in Moberly, MO. Built in 1897, it was the home of Charles and Anna Lotter and their seven children. The house went through a major renovation in the 1980’s and later became a counseling center until the current owners purchased it in 2006.Looking through the history of this house, only two signs of tragedy were recorded as occurring in the house. Charles Lotter died painfully of a gangrene infection in his intestine at the age of 69. Anna Lotter died of “senility” at the age of 91.

Given the length of time the Lotter family occupied the dwelling as well as the deaths in the home of both Charles and Anna Lotter, and taking into account the claims of the current homeowners, our investigation centered towards finding out if indeed the spiritual presences in the house were Lotter family members.

The current homeowners, Mark and Vickie have lived in this house for seven years with their three children. However, their introduction to the supernatural occurrences in the house started within approximately two weeks of moving in.

Over the years the family has experienced sights, sounds, and odors that they believe to be paranormal: claims of cigar smoke and men’s cologne, feeling taps, voices (both male & female), fiddle music (including what sounded like an entire party around Christmas), footsteps, singing, children’s laughter, whispers as they felt the breath of whatever was whispering . Cold spots occur in the bedroom, office, and at the top of the stairs. Lights will turn off and on by themselves. Glimpses of a little white fluffy dog have been seen as it runs from under the stairs to the outside.

Aside from those claims, some other claims are even more disturbing.

Mark and Vickie claim that their son has had encounters with the spirit of another child. One incident occurred when a party was being held in the backyard. Their son ran inside to the bottom of the stairs, and said, “Let’s go, it’s time for ice cream!” as if speaking to another child; however nothing was there. Their son has also claimed to have seen a male figure walking along the upstairs hallway while he was brushing his teeth, prompting him to ask his mother who the man was.

Mark and Vickie have also claimed to have seen this man. Mark witnessed a man standing at the top of the 2nd floor landing. Vickie has seen him standing by their bed in the master bedroom. Mark’s experience was so detailed that he was able to describe in detail the period of clothing of the man: a three piece suit, watch chain, and the man’s facial hair as mutton chops. This correlates with the time period of Charles and Anna Lotter. Mark has also had a recurring dream in which he is an invisible spectator to a party, at least he thinks he is until Charles Lotter approaches him and sternly tells Mark that “you’re not supposed to be here.”

The most extreme occurrence happened in the basement while Mark was working with a work light placed a few feet away on the floor. Forcefully, the work light flew approximately 5 feet , smashing halfway up on the wall.

Taking into consideration the history and all the claims, we set out to investigate, verify, and gather answers for our clients. The posts that follow are just some of the unusual sights and sounds that we were privileged to catch on our equipment.


This audio clip was taken from the initial interview. Mark and Vickie were giving us a tour of the house and explaining where their experiences took place. While in the basement, a series of footsteps occurred overhead. Mark, Vickie, Jennifer and I were in the basement talking and had no knowledge of the footsteps happening. Although their 3 boys were upstairs, they weren’t wearing shoes nor does this clip sound like the stride of a child. During the sound of the footsteps walking above us, you’ll hear Vickie speaking and distantly hear the children from the 2nd floor.


This next clip is similar to the last except this time it is investigation night and Shane and I are the only ones in the house. Again we are in the basement and did not hear these footsteps as they are happening. You will hear Shane carefully stepping through some water making sure our video cables are staying dry. In the meantime you can hear footsteps on the hardwood floor above. When the footsteps seem to be directly overhead, there is a pause and then a stomp, which we take to indicate frustration with our continued presence in their space since we are well into the investigation at this point.

The next 3 clips take place in the basement. We know that orbs can be explained as dust or bugs, however in this case we had a few factors to consider. First, the basement had recently flooded and although mostly dry, it was still a little damp; dust was kept to a minimum such as when we were walking in the area. During these next 3 clips, we were not in the basement…, nor had we recently left the basement. Bugs were ruled out as the temperature was only 28 degrees. Plus it’s always impressive when light anomalies change direction and otherwise move in an intelligent manner.

Basement Clip #1

In this clip, you will see a light anomaly appear from the left, and make a right turn to exit through the doorway next to our camera.

Basement Clip #2

There’s a lot going on in this video. We’ll just let you decide. We like the 2 that move parallel to each other.

Basement Clip #3

This light anomaly has a spiral pattern, almost creating a mist-like appearance. What do you think?

Static Camera #3 – Office
Things to note now that we are in the house. The homeowners turned off their heating system before we arrived, helping to eliminate both noise and dust pollution.

Here we have a light anomaly to the right of the screen which makes a sudden change in direction as it approaches the camera.

While in the office, we are snapping off some pictures. Although we heard nothing, our evp recorder picked up something that sounds as if it is winding or tightening up and then releasing.

This clip was caught off an evp recorder on the stairs. Sounds like a moan echoing down the hallway, but we are unable to determine any specific words.

Evp recorder still on stairs (this is 9 minutes later from the moan caught on same recorder). “Hey you…”

In this clip we are sitting in the office trying to establish communication by using the SB7 Spirit Box. For those who may not know, the SB7 scans radio frequencies allowing spirits to use the white noise in between as a means to communicate.

You will hear Shane ask for a name and what we hear is “Anna.” We will remind you that the matriarch of the family that passed away in the house was named Anna Lotter.

In this clip we are at the top of the stairs snapping pictures. We left the HandyCam in the downstairs hallway. Shane can be heard talking about our evp recorders and how they should be picking up evidence. Seconds later, a dragging sound happens that seems to be right next to the camera downstairs. Once again, we heard nothing.

Next we move to the stairwell and we will have to backtrack to the beginning of the investigation. This is during the set up and Shane is positioning camera #2 to focus on the stairs. We have a hall light on and in the glow of that light, on the ceiling, is a light anomaly that we can not explain.

This clip happens 24 seconds after the last clip. Shane had the camera positioned, the hallway light off, and had left the area. You will see a light anomaly come over the handrail, go up the stairs, and turn to the left.

Here is an interesting clip of something that comes across the camera and spirals its way up the stairs. Keep in mind that it is too cold for bugs and we had not been in the area for some time.

This next clip is a little hard to explain. You will see Shane sitting at the top of the stairs and I’m sitting about five steps below him. In between us some form of wispy apparition peaks out from behind me and then ducks back again. We have reviewed this footage a hundred times trying to figure out if it was something we did.
The first thing we noticed is that we made no sudden movements to create any kind of reflection, nor did we have any clothes flapping around. We know we didn’t see it with our own eyes because the house was pitch dark. Only this IR camera picked it up.

Once again we are on the stairs. This time we see a light anomaly come out of the wall by the light switch. Many times throughout the review we saw single light anomalies come from this light switch.

In this clip you will see Shane and myself walking on the left going down the hallway. Seconds afterwards, a ball of light streaks behind us.

Down the hallway to the left, there is a doorway to a bedroom. Here we see a light anomaly go into the room and three that seem to come out of the bedroom and head down the hall toward the camera.

In this clip you will notice a light streaking at the top of the bannister. Then, further down towards us you can see a different light appear and move along the bannister, stop, then make a loop towards the camera.

Here we have the same evidence captured on two different pieces of equipment. Jennifer was doing an EVP session upstairs in the master bedroom. She got the same response twice and this evidence was captured with the microphone of our camera and our evp recorder.

EVP recorder capturing same evidence.