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Mini Mothman stops by for a drink |

Encounters with creatures described as “flying humanoids” have been reported throughout history.

Some people say these mysterious beings could be either angels or demons, but very rarely do these sightings describe the critter as a miniature version of the more common monster.

But one Illinois woman claims to have seen just that.

While driving to work on Feb. 23, I was listening to Preston Elliott of WMMR‘sPreston and Steve show talking about what could be a Mini Mothman.

Preston told the story of a woman who was started to see what she said looked like a “mini mothman” perched on a heated birdbath in her backyard.

The 58-year-old known only as “Carol” told Cryptozoology News that she encountered the strange, flying creature on Feb. 11 as she let her dogs outside.

She saw the creature when she turned on the outside light, but said it quickly flew away within approximately 20 seconds.

“But it’s flight pattern was straight up,” Carol said, according to “In an eerie, slow butterfly movement, but straight up.”

The creatures wings were paper-like and its overall appearance reminded Carol of a ghostly apparition, she said, noting it was the “best way to describe it.”

According to Carol, her backyard visitor had a 9-inch wingspan, gray fur, and didn’t make any sound.

“It was not a moth or a bat,” she told Crytozoology News.

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