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Mysterious Crystal Skulls of Ancient Mesoamerica | Strange Sounds

The famed crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades.

The handful of known skulls have defied even the most advanced scientific efforts to determine who made them, when, and most puzzling, how.

Rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR surrounded by 12 crystal skulls from ©2010 Lee Simmons: Photo by award-winning photographer Lee Simmons, creator of the extraordinary “Secret World of Crystals” oracle deck.

Crystal skulls are not uncommon or terribly mysterious. Thousands are produced every year in Brazil, China, and Germany. But there are a handful of these rather macabre objects that have fueled intense interest and controversy among archaeologists, scientists, spiritualists, and museum officials for more than a century.

There are perhaps a dozen of these rare crystal skulls in private and public collections. Some are crystal clear, others of smoky or colored quartz. Some are actual human size and of very fine detail, while others are smaller and less refined. All are believed to originate from Mexico and Central America.

This specimen, owned by the British Museum in London, was originally thought to have been made by the Aztec of Mexico but was later determined to be a fake.

Many believe these skulls were carved thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago by an ancient Mesoamerican civilization. Others think they may be relics from the legendary island of Atlantis or proof that extraterrestrials visited the Aztec sometime before the Spanish conquest.

Stories about the skulls focus heavily on their perceived supernatural powers.


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