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Ghost Hunting with Small Town Haunts

No matter how old we get, there will always be a special place in the imagination for most of us for all things paranormal. Even the most skeptical, if coaxed into letting their guard down, can tell a story or two of some strange event they’ve experienced in the wee hours of the night or while alone in the deep dark woods or in an old abandoned house or building- an event that could not be explained.

What is it that keeps us interested in ghosts and ghouls and witches and banshees, even years after we’ve outgrown the concepts of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and pots of gold at the end of rainbows?

In recent times, such television shows as “Ghost Hunters” and movies like “Paranormal Activity” have caused a resurgence in public paranormal interest and mom and pop ghost hunting clubs have been cropping up across the globe. Small groups of friends, many middle aged and older, have been rekindling near childlike fascinations for ghosties and ghoolies and have taken to the graveyards, backwoods, creepy houses and other areas of alleged hauntings and doing their own investigations, attempting to answer that age old question; are ghosts real?

I recently asked Shane and Jennifer Herrin of Moberly, Mo, a husband and wife paranormal investigation team about some of their views and experiences with the paranormal. They are the lone members of their group Small Town Haunts. They choose to keep it this way because they both have the same passion, vision, and commitment for the organization.

“We’ve been interested in the paranormal since we were young, both of us having experiences that we couldn’t explain,” Shane says. “These experiences include Jennifer seeing a ghost at the age of 5. We created Small Town Haunts in February of 2012.”

Shane considers one of his most exciting experiences to be while investigating the Mo State Penitentiary. He was alone on the 3rd level of a housing unit in an empty cell. Suddenly he started hearing the sound of paint chips being crunched as footsteps started approaching the cell, getting louder with each step, stopping at the door of the cell. However, no one was standing at the door or anywhere on the entire floor.

​Jennifer considers her most intriguing experience to have occurred at the Charles Lotter house in Moberly, Mo. While she and Shane were conducting an evp session on the staircase, an apparition appeared between the two of them. The owners consider the apparition to be the ghost of the Lotter family dog, which they have also witnessed running through the house. The Lotters built the house in the 1890’s, and both passed away in the house.

​”We would say to try to keep an open mind, while at the same time trying to debunk everything,” the duo says of what they’d tell skeptics. “There will be those times when you can’t explain what has happened, and that is when the real investigation begins.”

​You can follow Small Town Haunts on their Facebook page.

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