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‘Small Town Haunts’ Looks To Solve Paranormal Puzzles

Programs like “Paranormal Activity” and “Ghost Hunters” have re-ignited the public curiosity when it comes to ghosts and spirits — but some take ghost-hunting a step further.

Jennifer and Shane Herrin of Moberly make up Small Town Haunts, a husband-and-wife paranormal investigation team.

The duo started out working with a team of ghost hunters, but split off and formed Small Town Haunts in February 2012.

“At first we were a small group of friends,” Jennifer Herrin says. “One of the friends actually lived in a haunted house so we were able to investigate it many times. After that investigation, we broke away and started Small Town Haunts.”

Herrin says the two have had an interest in the paranormal since they were young. Once they did their first investigation, they were hooked.

Herrin says they kept it to just the two of them because they share the “same commitment to provide a quality investigation to clients.” The duo does not charge clients for a paranormal investigation.

“Our main goal is to help people, so we are willing to investigate any site that we believe to have legitimate, honest claims of activity,” she says.

The Herrins’ past investigations include the Charles Lotter House in Moberly, a home built in the 1880s by the Lotters, who both passed away in the house. They also investigated the Missouri State Penitentiary (which served as the setting of a recently released horror film).

“We’d have to say the most interesting place has been the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City,” Herrin says. “Between catching a voice on video, images of apparitions on film and a personal experience that is still difficult for us both to describe to this day, we feel it is a location with a lot going on, and we’d love to go back one day.”

In an interview with the Gary Nolan Show on 93.9 FM, Herrin said they do an initial investigation where they ask questions, take some pictures and decide where they’re going to set up. The actual investigation takes somewhere between four and five hours.

“Our main goal is to help the homeowners or the business owners find out answers,” she said in the interview. “We’re not going to exorcise anything from the house or anything, but we do try to find out why they’re there.”

The duo recently investigated a location in Macon, Missouri, where the homeowners have seen shadow figures and the spirit of an older man. Herrin says they are still reviewing the evidence and will publish their findings soon. They are also tentatively scheduled to investigate the Haunted Antique Mall in Moberly in October.

“It’s hard work when you’re reviewing about 30 hours of video and another 15 hours of audio from one night,” she said in the Gary Nolan interview. “It’s very challenging.”

According to the Small Town Haunts website, the team exists to “finally put those nagging feelings to rest.”

“Nestled between incidents that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and creaks and groans that you may pass off as natural settling noises are those true episodes of paranormal activity,” the website states. “Deep in the back of your mind is the thought that perhaps those noises, whispers and shadows caught from the corner of your eye are communications from the deceased, whether residual or intelligent.”

You can follow Small Town Haunts’ investigations on their Facebook pagewebsite or YouTube channel.