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Harry Houdini Investigates the Spirit World | New Republic

Houdini is a short strong stocky man with small feet and a very large head. Seen from the stage, his figure, with its short legs and its pugilist’s proportions, is less impressive than at close range, where the real dignity and force of his enormous head appear. Wide-browed and aquiline-nosed,

These 4 Foreign Ghost Stories Will Keep You Up Tonight… And Every Night. OMG. | TP Article Marketing

Every country in the world has its own ghost stories. That’s because there are so many mysterious or paranormal things that happen in this world. Humans naturally want to explain the unexplained. Sometimes, there is just enough evidence or events to form a theory or ghost story… And sometimes those stories will

Mini Mothman stops by for a drink |

Encounters with creatures described as "flying humanoids" have been reported throughout history. Some people say these mysterious beings could be either angels or demons, but very rarely do these sightings describe the critter as a miniature version of the more common monster. But one Illinois woman claims to have seen just that. While

Spiritual Messages – Message From Evil Demonic Spirits (Documentary) | Paranormal Stories

In this edition of Paranormal Stories and videos, we are going to present you the Spiritual messages from real evil and demonic spirits and how people have reacted to those messages from psychic mediums. Watch the Video Here: Spiritual Messages - Message From Evil Demonic Spirits (Documentary) | Paranormal Stories