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Why Do Ghosts Wear Human Clothes? | Racked

Paranormal enthusiasts often report sighting spirits dressed in Victorian period clothing, flowing white dresses, or just jeans and t-shirts. Why? If ghosts are, as paranormal investigators would have us believe, essentially human spirit energy stuck in purgatory between earth and the great beyond, why do their manifestations include the manufactured

The Real Ghosts of Asylum 49 | Backpackerverse

If you are ever in Tooele, Utah around Halloween, you’re probably familiar with the haunted house themed attraction Asylum 49.  Promising members of the community a lot of thrills on the night ghouls come out to play, this attraction is a must-visit if you seek a few chills up your spine. However,

Ghosts in Mammoth Cave | Cult of Weird

J. Nathan Couch explores the depths of Kentucky’s treacherous Mammoth Cave, a place so menacing it inspired HP Lovecraft’s first story. The Mammoth Cave System is without a doubt the world’s greatest subterranean wonder. Located in an area that’s roughly only a few miles in diameter, the cave twists and turns