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Ways To Contact The Dead | The Controversial Files

Words of advice: no matter how much of a skeptic you are, don’t mess with these things for giggles.  I've heard many, many theories about how our own sub-conscious is the greatest link for spirit communication. We’re just so bothered with everyday activities that we can’t hear what the other side

Elijah Bond’s Memorial Ouija Board Gravestone in Baltimore | Cult of Weird

The memorial gravestone of Ouija Board inventor Elijah Bond was erected in 2008 by the Talking Board Historical Society in Baltimore, Maryland’s Green Mount Cemetery. Read the Entire Article Here: Elijah Bond's Memorial Ouija Board Gravestone in Baltimore | Cult of Weird Image is Ouija board gravestone of Elijah Bond in Baltimore, Maryland

100 Spooky Articles From | Ghosts And Ghouls

Enjoy reading about ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky phenomenon? Here are 100 creepy Wikipedia articles that will scare you silly. Topics Covered: Strange Phenomena and Events Min Min Light Deathbed Phenomena Bilocation Spontaneous Human Combustion Moberly-Jourdain Incident Electronic Voice Phenomena Spooklight Hairy Hands The Devil's Footprints Maco Light Curses and Omens Death Coach Chair of Death The Gray Man Devil Bird Robert the Doll Doppelganger The Curse of Little Bastard The