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Kesha, Lover Of Ghosts, Will Finally Confront Her Paranormal Encounter | The Huffington Post

This article cannot be fully appreciated without listening to the Kesha song “Supernatural“ about her ghost lover. Proceed accordingly. As Kesha battles Sony and producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, whom she accused of sexual assault and battery in 2014, to be released from her recording contract, the singer has found other outlets

These 4 Foreign Ghost Stories Will Keep You Up Tonight… And Every Night. OMG. | TP Article Marketing

Every country in the world has its own ghost stories. That’s because there are so many mysterious or paranormal things that happen in this world. Humans naturally want to explain the unexplained. Sometimes, there is just enough evidence or events to form a theory or ghost story… And sometimes those stories will

Ghost hunter snaps ‘terrifying figure’ at historic 15th century building | Yahoo7

An experienced self-proclaimed ghost hunter claims to have captured a surreal image of a ‘female ghost’ walking around the ground of a historic English estate. Ghost hunter, Erica Gregory made the surprising discovery when she spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group while they were touring Turton